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Estimations semaine 12 du 20 au 26 Mars 2023

EdiStat publishes estimates of book sales in mainland France (not Corsica) based on actual counter sales across a wide panel of stores divided into sections (broad categories of shops with greatly varying approaches to selling books).

The Edistat panel is comprised of bookshops of all sizes, major retailers (specialised and non-specialised) and online stores from which we gather weekly sales figures. Using the data gathered individually at each point of sale, our statistical model enables us to offer an estimation of global sales from all points of sale of the same type. Since January 1, 2015, estimated online sales have been included in the "major specialist stores" sector. Sales archives date back to January 1, 2004. Where a work was first published earlier than this, the "since publication" estimates use this date as a starting point. Estimates of title sales are published per EAN13 (GENCOD, ISBN). Various editions of the same title published under different EAN13 numbers are treated as separate works.

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